The King of Kings and I- Travels with God in Thailand


Book Summary:   In the midst of the 1980 economic collapse in Alberta, I lost my job and asked myself, "What do I do now for the rest of my life?" My choice to attend Bible college, took me not only into the classroom but across the world to the mission fields of Thailand. It was there I discovered that God is not only King, but truly is the King of kings. Follow my devotional stories and personal insights, in The King of Kings and I, as I journey through the cultures and sub-cultures of North America and Thailand.


The French Collection - Moments with God in Paris


Book Summary: In this series of devotions, the reader travels through Paris with me on my vacation and my journey of faith. Six days are spent exploring some of the city’s lesser known sites, in anticipation of meeting up with my daughter for another three days of sightseeing.  Together the reader and I become familiar with the fascinating history and culture of the city of Paris. Certain moments stand out above all others. They are more intense, or more amusing, sometimes more embarrassing, or even more fearful.  I have written about these moments, developed them around the sights and history of Paris, wrapped them in Scripture and turned them into The French Collection. 

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About: The King of Kings and I

             A shining story of love, faith, humility, and obedience.

            Kim Clarke’s story offers much to those who enjoy an absorbing personal narrative, the opportunity to learn through the experiences of others, Scripture applications that are so woven in they flow right along with the story, pertinent quotes from well-known people, and even a hint of intrigue.
            Who was the mystery woman who warned her not to stray too far? And surely it was Kim’s teachable spirit—demonstrated by her willingness to follow God-given advice—that kept her from becoming “not only proud and ignorant,” but also an “offensive, dehydrated, unimaginative writer who’d just been mugged.”

            Join Kim on a journey of faith, hope, joy and humor. With just 139 pages it won’t take you long—unless, as I did, you re-read your favorite parts over and over!      

                                                                                                                 Reviewer: Margaret Welwood (5 Stars on!)

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            The King of Kings and I is an honest reflection of Kim Louise Clarke's college missionary trip to Thailand.
Clarke beautifully weaves her personal experiences with the Thai people, Biblical references and the plans God has for us. She speaks of God's faithfulness and His provisions.
​            The King of Kings and I is an important reminder that God meets our needs where we are. When we are faithful to His Word and His Will, God promises to be with us every step of the way. It is so wonderful to be able to journey through life with our Lord and Saviour!

                                                                                                                  Reviewer: Kandace Perry (5 Stars on!)
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             I have loved reading Kim’s book “The King of Kings and I”. It was a great daily devotional.

            Each chapter had some important truth for me to carry through the day. I, too, have travelled and I love to hear Kim’s stories but even more I love the way she ties them into God’s word. The format helps with this – story – King of Kings lesson – personal application. Her theology is sound and accurate.

           The book has also served as a good reminder to learn the lessons that come from day to day life.

                                                                                                                     Rev. Dr. Judy Shierman

                                                                                                                     Senior Pastor, Altadore Baptist Church, Calgary


          Kim's devotional book is written from her own personal life experiences.

          She reflects on God's gracious hand in her early years and grounds with a Biblical foundation. Her open heart draws the reader to open their heart to the Lord Jesus as a response.

          Kim's honesty, simplicity and humility express the character of a woman of God. Easy read with fresh and insightful reflection.

                                                                                                                     Robert Erion

                                                                                                                     Former OMF International Director for the Americas

About:  The French Collection

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February 29, 2016 for

The French Collection - Moments with God in Paris


          There are travel blogs and there are daily devotionals, but what a rare delight to imaginatively walk with Kim through the streets of Paris while reflecting upon the presence and goodness of God in our lives, no matter where our feet may take us.

           Her well-crafted descriptions and historical narrative enrich the backdrop of her days spent in Paris as her subtle humour engages the reader easily with the experiences she shares.  Those stories are enriched as she draws fresh insight and needed reminders from the Scriptures into the overriding journey of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  

                                                                                                            Faye Reynolds

                                                                                                            Director of Women and Intergenerational Ministries for the                                                                                                                          Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

           What an enjoyable read. Kim’s adventures reminded me of my time in Italy. While travelling alone, we can make any choice we want, but sometimes there are just too many choices.

           I love that Kim took the time to reflect and collect those special moments when God grew close and whispered to her. With no one else to lean on, it becomes a special time of drawing close to the God who is really there.
           The descriptions of the sites she visited ramped up my desire to visit France all the more. This book is well-written and personal, a combination I thoroughly enjoyed.                                         
Cheryl Colwell                                                                                                                                                                                           Interviews & Reviews                                                                                                                                                                                 External link opens in new tab or window


            I love Paris and I love God—not necessarily in that order. While it isn’t necessary to love Paris before reading this book (it is quite likely the author’s love for Paris will infect the reader anyway), it is obvious the author loves God, too.

            I was drawn to this collection because I wanted to walk with the author in Paris and see how God revealed Himself there. And I was not disappointed. It was as though I was walking with a funny, creative, thoughtful friend who not only has right words at the right moment but is also a knowledgeable tour guide.

            If you have a friend thinking about going to Paris, be sure to give them this collection. It may even help with their trip planning. As for me, I scarce believe this is the author’s first book. I look forward to other collections by Kim Louise Clarke. Vive The French Collection!                                                                                  Armig Adourian

                                                                                                   Interviews & Reviews   

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Goodreads Book Review

          As a Canadian who has never travelled to Paris, but has plans to do so in the near future, this book is a delightful combination of a travelogue and a devotional. Brief chapters focus on an aspect of the author's recent trip to Paris, combined with inspiring and thought provoking biblical references for readers to consider a deeper meaning behind a travel experience rather than a simple rehash of the journey.                                                                                      Marlene Rohr                                                                                                                                                                                             Interviews & Reviews                                                                                                                                                                                 External link opens in new tab or window