The King of Kings and I - Travels with God in Thailand                                          - a devotional travel memoir

       In the midst of the 1980 economic collapse in Alberta, I lost my job and asked myself, "What do I do now for the rest of my life?"

     My choice to attend Bible college, took me not only into the classroom but across the world to the mission fields of Thailand. It was there I discovered that God is not only King, but truly is the King of kings.

      Follow my devotional stories and insights, in The King of Kings and I, as I journeyed through the cultures and sub-cultures of North America and Thailand.


I was thrilled to have this manuscript shortlisted at the 2018 Women's Journey of Faith Contest. Continuing on in the 'journey of faith', I am excited now to be having the book being formatted  - available for you soon.


The detailed banana leaves, painted by my sister Marquita, will be featured on the front cover on my book.                                                           

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